Top Favorites of 2022

As 2022 draws to an end, we would like to take stock of this year’s favorites, your top faves as well as our choice picks. 

Your top favorites per category :

White, China White Peony King's Grade
Green, China Lu Shan Clouds and Mist
Green, Japan Tokuyou Sencha
Green, Japan Matcha Wako Matcha
Oolong, China Tieguanyin Dark Roast 'Monkey Picked'
Oolong, Taiwan Baochong Premium
Red/Black, China Yunnan Gold
Red/Black, India/Sri Lanka Darjeeling 2nd Flush - Muscatel Valley Organic
Red/Black, Taiwan Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Tou Mu Hong Cha
Pu-erh 2010 Aged Shu
Herbal Turmeric Gold
Cold Brew Lichee Red Cold Brew


Our top favorites per staff:

Chih Hui, Buyer and Curator: 
Phoenix Ya Sai  'Old Grove High Mountain'
Usually I prefer Taiwanese oolong, but this year’s Ya Sai is particularly tasty with incredible fragrance. It is also a fun brew as I learned ways to pull more flavors out of its quirky personality. In a good way, Ya Sai challenges me with its ever changing flavors, enticing me to discover and tweak my brewing skills as I search for that perfect brew.

Katie, Sommelier:
Honey Jia Long King's Grade 2018
A tea to come home to after a long day or journey, Honey Jia Long 2018 holds complexity in its flavors and depth. The honey sweetness is gentle, and the tea aroma and flavor changes subtly with the seasons and as it ages. As an aged GABA and bug-bitten tea, it's one of my favorites to share with others and continue steeping for many, many brews! 

I-Ting, The Sidekick:
Ali Shan Unroasted
This tea brings me back to the amazing ocean of clouds hovering just below the peak of Ali Shan. Whenever I get homesick, this tea always brings me back home to my beautiful island country and fills me with energy, strength, and hope to keep thriving.

Sonia, Goddess of Warehouse and Packaging: 
Hibiscus Blossom
Normally they are packed as pouches for cold brew, but I prefer mine warm so I always make myself a warm version in a thermo and drink my warm tea during work.

Robert, Head Honcho:
Shan Lin Xi High Mountain Dark Fire Tree
I thought I liked all my teas equally as they are unique in their own ways, but according to my staff, I tend to choose Shan Lin Xi Dark Fire Tree over all the others. Guess what they say is true, consciously or subconsciously, we always have a favorite.

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