Phoenix Ya Sai Old Grove High Mountain

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  • Harvest: Spring 2023
    This batch of Ya Sai Old Grove has an intense honeysuckle aroma that infuses the palate while the flavor of buttery almond cream follows with a cleansing and dry aftertaste. From the Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong, China.
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10 Nov 2022
Timothy Prime
“Occasionally, you might chance upon a tea that is special. Tastes that defy the normal tasting vocabulary. You simply pause and enjoy the experience. Your perception of the world changes in that moment. For me, Phoenix Ya Sai (Old Grove, High Mountain) is one of those special moments. First sip grabbed my interest and didn't let go. Phoenix Ya Sai is already a top shelf tea. Being both delicate and rich. One of my favourite flavours is this sweetness that is hard to describe. Essentially an undertone, which exists in contrast to the other rich flavour in the tea.

If everyday Phoenix is a fine violin. Ya Sai is a string quartet. Continuing this analogy, old grove, high mountain is a small orchestra.” – Tim P.

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