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Stewards of the Tradition of Tea | An Authentic Resource

Whole leaf tea is a way of life, a tradition handed down for over 2,500 years. Wild grown or traditionally farmed without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, these teas are lovingly cultivated each season for their inherent flavors coaxed out by the tea master's hand. 

We celebrate this time-honored craftsmanship of the artisanal tea farmers of China, Taiwan, India, and Japan. Every harvest for the past 15 years we have traveled to the finest tea growing regions of Asia to visit family-owned farms to select our handcrafted teas. Each tea in our collection is carefully curated for its complexity, exceptional taste, and spirit. We do this because we are committed to helping sustain these traditional communities and to sharing the treasures of the tea arts with you. And we truly believe that tea can change your life.

Our co-founder, Winnie Yu, calls tea her "daily companion". Enjoyed throughout the day, tea can awaken, calm, bring mindfulness and focus. It contributes to overall health, circulation, and attentiveness. 

The ease of steeping tea can be slow and mindful or quick and intentioned. It is sharing a teapot for hours with friends or placing a few leaves in a thermos of hot water and heading out for a hike. This tea, this way, is whenever it becomes a part of your day.

We are here to bring tea to you, to share this tradition that we humbly carry. Please browse our new collections or answer the questionnaire to discover a tea you will love.




Stewards of the Tradition of Tea | An Authentic Resource

Green Teas & Matcha from Japan


kelp, meadow flower, whipped cream

Marukyu Koyama En - Uji, Japan

$ 59.00

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comforting, nutty, toasty

Uji, Japan

$ 5.00

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chablis, savory, umami

Nishikawa Farm - Uji, Japan

$ 15.00

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bouyant, marine, viscous

Okutani Garden, Uji Japan

$ 27.00

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Wako Matcha

creamy, grass, robust

Marukyu Koyama En - Uji, Japan

$ 32.00

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Mt.Olympus Herbal

September 25, 2016 by Teance Fine Teas

Buckwheat Herbal

September 25, 2016 by Teance Fine Teas

Lichee Red Premium Black Tea

September 25, 2016 by Teance Fine Teas