Master Wang Collection

Join Teance in our exploration of our new Master Wang Collection, a limited collection of Pu-Erh teas that comes from a Master of the Healing Arts with a vision for tea, and through it, life.

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Master Wang, a mystical, profound, self-deprecating Zen Buddhist Master from Yunnan, China, always believed that tea was more than just a drink. A staunch advocate of wellness, education and activism, it was through his own health crisis that he began his journey to becoming a Zen Buddhist master and building a deeper connection to tea. As he trained in palette work, he drew from his background in Economics and began to import teas from his home region in Yunnan, China. In building this tea business, he partnered with other tea connoisseurs, one of whom was our very own Teance founder Winnie Yu. He passionately engaged and educated consumers on the importance of buying “real” Pu-Erh from Yunnan province as well as engaging the relationship of Pu-Erh tea to other aspects of life: 

“Pu-Erh tea is art expressed as medicine, and also medicine expressed as art. It’s a drinkable antique, and its value is priceless even beyond speculation.” 

Master Wang understood the value of Pu-Erh tea beyond its taste or aroma–he understood it as part of a philosophical lifestyle, a sentiment many in the Teance community share. His serious practice of stillness combined with his playful approach to serving tea made him unique to the tea world–and the impact of his presence in the tea community is still being felt today. It is through his son Anoah that we now have the privilege of enjoying part of Master Wang’s limited collection.