Subscription Programs

Teance offers a subscription program for both our existing customers and for those unfamiliar with our fine teas. We have developed three different tracks one can follow based on customer input and observed buying habits over the years. Each track will include two one-ounce packages of whole leaf tea mailed at the beginning of each month.

A Teance subscriber can choose any of three programs:

  • Healthy Antioxidants: White, green, and yellow teas handcrafted with gentle processing methods to maximize the health benefits of Camellia sinensis leaves. They are rich in flavonoids (antioxidants) like ECGC, and are lower in caffeine than other teas. This program may include an occasional, seasonal herbal or pu-erh tea. - $35
  • Oolong Lovers: Oolong from China and Taiwan are twisted or rolled whole leaves, oxidized and roasted to develop color, aroma and taste. Subtle differences in processing leads to seemingly endless variations in flavors and intensities. Some drink nothing else. This program may include an occasional herbal tea, or tea from another program based on what is in season. - $35
  • Afternoon Tea: Fully oxidized Camellia sinensis leaves, known as red tea in China and Taiwan, and black tea in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. They are full of flavor, high in caffeine content, and still retain many of the health benefits of other teas. They are often mixed as chai or enjoyed as afternoon tea in the Western world. This program may include an occasional, seasonal oolong tea or pu-erh. - $25

To implement this program, Teance has partnered with The Third Place. The Third Place is a community of restaurants, tea purveyors, patisseries, and private chefs who wish to provide subscription programs for their customers.

To subscribe, or to gather more information, please use the following link: Teance Subscription Programs @ The Third Place