One of the pleasures of working at Teance is the daily discussion regarding what tea we are drinking and why. Both amongst ourselves and with customers at the tea bar, it's normally a daily rite of passage. With the tea bar being temporarily closed and our work hours being limited, it's a missing part of our workday.

Ethan and Chih Hui both shared with me this weekend their current tea practice. Ethan, of course, applies the same structured thought to his daily tea regimen that he uses to prepare for a climb in Yosemite. He starts the day with a combination of Ruby 18 and Tou Mu Hong Cha. The red tea energy helps to wake him up both before and after his morning yoga practice. The afternoon leads to Honey Jia Long for it's relaxing qualities followed by either High Mountain Dark if he needs a boost or 2010 Aged Pu-Erh should he feel the need for grounding. He occasionally mixes in Chrysanthemum and Goji Berries as a tasty botanical immune booster. A very Ethan thing to do.

Chih Hui, on the other hand, has to keep her two adolescents busy and engaged while being quarantined at home. A full-time job in itself.  Then, at midnight, she WeChats with farmers and brokers in China and Taiwan.  When at work, she is drinking Anhui Yellow again. She related to me that back in the early 2000's, Winnie spent a lot of time finding the right farmer for it. When produced right, it has such a unique taste. Not green. Not oolong.  Nutty and more forgiving than most green teas.

At home, she takes solace in her garden. And in her garden, she's drinking Baochong these days. When outside, Chih Hui likes to brew her Baochong at lower temperatures and with a longer steeping time. It gives her the light, fresh taste that connects her to her garden and can be sipped all day.

As for me, I just finished the last of my Shan Lin Xi 'Fire Tree'. I'm a big fan of roasted oolongs, and this one does not disappoint. I also have a couple of ounces of Lu Shan left that I have been carefully rationing. I'm hesitant to mention it, since it has been out of stock for nearly a month, but I have received encouraging news regarding our shipment of the 2020 harvest. It may actually be in motion again. Fingers crossed.

be well,
Robert Vincent

10 Sep 2023
Katie Tao
Hi Jollin, just seeing your comment here. Great to hear how much you learned from Winnie back in the day.
Also, we still have a physical shop! We changed locations in 2019 and are now located at 1036 Grayson St. in Berkeley. Hope you can come by sometime!
21 May 2022
Jollin Chiang
I was introduced to Teance almost twenty years ago by my niece, Stephanie when she was attending Cal. She actually worked at Teance briefly. I met with Winnie and learned a lot from her. I actually try to find the shop a month ago. I dove as well as walked around the neighborhood and could not find the shop. Very disappointed.
22 Apr 2021
Lulit Melake
Miss being there and tasting the teas that I’d take back to Denver. Hope to visit soon when things normalize.
Wanted to know if you carry white down tea and if you have this years 2021 dragon well any more. Didn’t see it on the website.
07 Sep 2020
Pamela Danforth
I'm so glad to see that you are still open! Although you are not close to where I live, Pleasanton, you are one of my favorite tea shops! I remember drinking in the beauty of your showroom and the tea bar when you first opened! I happily drove many friends to 4th Street so that they could experience your tea bar.

Sadly I just emptied the last little leaves out of the bag of "Taiwan Beauty" Oolong Tea. I so loved that tea warm or cold, weak and cold was so very lovely! I'm wondering if you have any stashed away? Or If you have a suggestion from your stock of teas? Also would you would recommend and other teas that you are loving right now? Something new that I could get to know & enjoy??

With appreciation for all you do, Pamela
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