Who's Naughty or Nice

If you have kids, or work with kids, or work with people who act like kids, you know that some of them are nice and some are just naughty. Well, teas are like us too, each with their own characteristics and personalities, and yes, some are nice and easy to work with, and some are, well, not so easy. Not saying they are bad! Just need a bit more attention and care.

At Teance, we’ve been making the list and checking it twice, starting with our Nice List, because we like to save the best for last, wink!

Very nice
Silver Needle King:

Think fuzzy white not fussy rite. Silver Needle King's Grade may be delicate and sweet, it is easy to brew and can withstand many steepings. Tender, fuzzy, and silver green in color, this beautiful white tea is relatively low in caffeine, yet delivers a strong dose of antioxidants unlike any other. Steep after steep, this gentle King continues to deliver smooth and floral flavors. 

White Peony King:

Of all the white teas, White Peony King offers the fullest flavor. Very light in color, coral and peachy, The King’s fruitiness is complemented by the crisp yet smooth finish. Its floral notes of apple blossoms are rounded out by very subtle flavors of cantaloupe, bright and clean. Like Silver Needle, this white tea is not at all persnickety and very forgiving.

Pre-Ming Dragonwell:

As the first pick of the season, Pre-Ming is naturally the most delicate and smooth of all the Dragonwells. It is also the most globally prized green tea, so coveted that it sparked heated competition over the very best batches. This green tea is renowned for the rich complexity of its fresh aroma, toasted chestnut notes, and lingering yet refreshing sweetness, well-balanced in flavor with a very clean finish. It cleanses the palates and rejuvenates bodies. Pre-Ming is often recommended for more advanced tea drinkers, or someone who can meticulously follow instructions and focus on timing. 

Naughty and nutty too
Pre-Rain Dragonwell:

If you like to challenge yourself, this sibling to the Pre-Ming also requires more tender loving care when brewing. Second harvest after Pre-Ming before the raining season, Pre-Rain is also highly regarded and fiercely sought after. Brewed correctly, the tea exudes strong nuttiness, reminiscent of lightly roasted chestnuts and sweet sugar peas. Pre-Rain delivers a shot of flavor and a punch of edge. However, if done incorrectly, this dragon will bite you with astringency when least unexpected. Temperamental and easily over-brewed, Dragonwells may be hard to make, but once you’ve tamed the dragons, you will taste their elusive spirits that others fail to achieve.

So challenge yourself with the Dragons or take it easy with our Kings during your holidays. Here is to relaxing with Nat King Cole, some chocolate caramel, and a cup of Dragonwell… oops! 5 seconds over brewed… sigh, oh well, Happy Holidays, everyone!

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