Morning Adventures

At 5:30am, I was up with Mr. Dai to visit around and see the village in action. Fewer than 100 people and around 17 of them are seniors over 70 years old, pretty much most of the rest are kids staying behind to go to school. Almost all of the adults have left to work in cities. Few of them stayed with the tea profession such as Mr. Dai has done. Without a doubt, this is one of the most improvished villages in China. In the middle of absolutely nowhere, Mr. Dai says they are so remote they even survived the Japanese invasion/slaughter, as the village was too hard to get to. In this wild, abandoned mountain, a few abandoned households of folks remain, with their ancient tea bushes, mulberry and ginkgo trees, wild cherry trees, and the most glorious groves of bamboo. Medicinal herbs are plentiful. I helped myself all along the way with wild berries that no one touches.

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