From The Archives | What is an Ethereal Tea?

A good question from my editor (though this blog is unedited and uncensored), and worthy of pause. A word that means something that sort of, but doesn’t really, exist, carrying a wisp of its presence. But what a presence it is, to linger in your memory more real than the mundane realities. That just about describes most of those top-notch teas we are fortunate enough to enjoy from time to time. That level of sublime quality that you will recognize when you experience it, but not before. Sort of indescribable, like the ending note to Tieguanyin, or the evocation of honey in a Phoenix oolong, frustratingly present yet…ethereal.

What a wonderful world to have such tea in it. I lament that so few people in the world can experience this quality in tea, but as the Buddha said, few will ever get to hear the Dharma, either.

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