From The Archives | Mrs. Su's Dowry Oolong

A bomb dropped when Mrs. Su took out her dowry oolong, one that is now 20 years old. She has been carefully tending and roasting and aging it since the day she brought it over on her marriage. The tour group was floored. They could not believe how smooth, how utterly lacking astringency, how energetically it completely changed and grounded them. One of the tea enthusiasts declared: ‘If this tea doesn’t get you to enlightenment, then you can’t get enlightened!’ Mrs. Su generously steeped this tea 8 times.
This year has extensive drought, which means the teas are fantastic but the yield is low. The poor farmers like Mrs Su are too conscientious to raise the prices if the teas are superior than last year, nor will they raise the prices because of scarcity. They will just suffer the financial shortage, life and death according to weather. But the charcoal roasted oolong was so sweet and balanced and fiery all at once; Mrs. Su is no doubt the pro of the pros. The tourists have come to realize: she is the real deal, and one person declared: she is a national treasure!

Mrs. Su’s big dream though? Grow a bigger cabbage than her neighbor.

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