The First of the Taiwan Oolongs

Taiwan, a small island rich in fruits and agriculture, as well as traditional Chinese and indigenous cultures alike, is also one of the most important tea regions in the world. One can not claim to be a tea aficionado without having some first hand experiences with Taiwan oolong teas.


This season, Taiwan has been afflicted with bad weather like other regions, and all of the harvests have been delayed.  Baochong, for example, one of our favorite oolong teas of all time, has just been harvested and ready to ship to us. Boasting of the intense fragrance of lilac flowers and gardenias, with a vegetal sweet taste and superb refreshing finish in the palate and throat.  This is a lightly oxidized oolong, so that one can enjoy the fresh nutrients of green tea, while enjoying the best aromatics that an oolong as to offer.


In the region across the way is where we harvest Buddha’s Hand, a large leaf oolong that is almost extinct. Similar in profile to Baochong, it is nuttier and has a more asparagus sweet viscosity in the tea. Both of these excellent oolongs are from the Wenshan region of Taiwan, slightly to the south of Taipei, and although not grown in extremely high altitudes, the misty, perilously steep grades of the hills scented by wild pineapples and gardenia create these unique, signature teas of Taiwan. Flying in, as we type!

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