Mrs. Su | Royal Courtesan

Mrs Su, one of our favorite tea producers, surprised us this visit with a new tea that was just produced, but have never been tasted by anyone. This tea has never been produced before, and why? the leaf hoppers famous for creating such teas as Taiwan Beauty and Royal Courtesan, actually flew high enough to attack the leaves at 1700 meters at San Lin She, producing the first ever High Mountain version of the Royal Courtesan! The weather at such elevations are usually humid, foggy, and far too cold for these bugs. In fact, Taiwan Beauty tea leaves were intentionally grown at low elevations to accommodate the leaf hoppers. So it was quite a surprise when Mrs. Su found some High Mountain leaves that have been bitten, and brought them back to produce a ‘Beauty’ tea. It has the best of all worlds, according to me. High fragrance, perfumey aroma, sweet body. This combination was intoxicating. It was also, for us tea nerds, a once in a lifetime experience.

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