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Piling is one of the crucial steps for making Yellow tea unlike any other. After the high heat drying, the leaves are now very dry. The stems are still moist. Piling the leaves together allows the water in the wet stems to travel to the dry leaves- a process of drawing out the moisture in an ingenious way. After a day of piling, medium heat rotation is again applied. Then, piling with a fabric to keep out any additional air from influencing the final drying process. After that, one more round of high heat drying one week later ensures that the Yellow tea is the dryest tea of all time, thus the least perishable of all green teas!

This whole process was invented by this village. Trade secrets few green tea makers know or bother with. All this work to make a few renminbi, says the high roller Dragonwell merchants! Truly, this wonderful gem of Yellow tea is completely unknown and there is no market for, and skilled artisans like Mr. Dai, the last one standing, continues to make this tea out of sheer determination to preserve this vestige of pride from his village.

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