Phoenix Honey Medium Roast

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  • Harvest: Spring 2024
    Phoenix Honey Oolong is renowned for its distinct honey notes on a woody base. Our Medium Roast is roasted for 15 hours on low heat to create that mellow and gentle roasted finish. From Guangdong, China.  Also called Mi lan Xiang 蜜蘭香
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10 Nov 2022
Timothy Prime
I tasted one, Pheonix Honey (medium roast), together with the regular Pheonix Honey.

When tasting teas side-by-side it hones the senses to what is different. Consequently, there is a heightened awareness about what is similar. What is the core essence of the tea style.

From the first sip, the medium roast is a striking tea. Bold in its presence compared to its sibling. Both teas have this beautifully delicate astringent flavour (honey like) that is definitive of Pheonix Oolong. The roasted notes of the medium roast goes that extra step to punch up and enhance the overall flavour.

The real flavours come out in the second pot. Particularly true for Pheonix. These two teas are no exception. The flavours get more exciting and cover more of the mouth.

One thing I felt in pot two, as bold as the medium roast was in pot one, the regular Phoenix Honey was distinctly mellow in pot two.

By pot four, the medium roast is still going strong and flavour continues to evolve. Has begun exhibiting notes of dried grass.

Overall, the medium roast is a remarkable tea. Fit for any collection.


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