Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Zhengshan Xiao Zhong

pine, plum, tangerine

Tong Mu Village, Wuyi, China

$ 31.00

Oxidation: 100%
Production: Original & Traditional Smoking Method
Farming: Wild Foraged
Attributes: Awakening & Invigorating

Accept no substitutions! This Zhengshan Xiao Zhong is produced in the original village where the pine-smoking process was created, using local wood and ancient techniques. Unlike mass produced, imposter Zhengshan Xiao Zhong (Lapsang Soughing) teas, this crop boasted plum and citrus peel notes at the forefront, with a subtle, mentholated smoke profile on the back of the palate. A must-try tea for anyone who has never had a true, artisan Zhengshan Xiao Zhong

Tong Mu Village, the original village where the wild wuyi tea plants live, is now a nature preserve that is off limits to visitors. That fact that the environment is pristine, unpopulated, with some of the most ionized water on the planet running through, and without the commercial demands on the tea itself, this is literally like drinking history, and at its best. Nothing has changed from when this tea was first made with pine smoke centuries ago- except for the inauthentic black teas smoked deliberately, without nuance, and tastes like charred barbeque. One taste of this tea and you will understand the fuss, and why, it was made that way in the first place. Another truly original, unique, authentic tea in our collection.


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