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Yoshitaka Hasu : Cup

Yoshitaka Hasu

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A master of iron glaze pottery from the renowned Iga area, where high temperature firing of the clay from the area with wood ash result in reddish, and often, brown-grey burn marks to produce a melting landscape effect.

Of the very few fine Iga potters working today, talented Iga ceramist Hasu Yoshitaka (b.1949) has been around for a while in his own quiet way. He exhibits mainly at Takashimaya and some other smaller ceramic galleries here in Japan. He studied under the late Banura Shiro starting in 1975 and established his own kiln in Ueno, Mie prefecture--home of Iga--in 1979. His first exhibition was at Takashimaya, Yokohama in 1982. His work is either quite bold with heavy ash-glazes combined with iron glazes and incised lines, or subtle with smooth surfaces. 

A true master piece of the idea of Wabi Sabi: the Perfection of the Imperfect.