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Tung Ting Cold Summit

chestnut notes, floral, rich

Mrs. Su - Tung Ting Shan, Taiwan

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Oxidation: 30-40%
Production: Machine Tumbled, Baked by Electric Heat in Bamboo Baskets
Farming: No Pesticide Residue
Attributes: Energizing & Focusing

Mrs. Su, one of the world’s few female tea masters, has been making this extraordinary tea for us for more than a decade. Sourced from one of the original bushes brought to Taiwan by Magistrate Lin in the mid-1700s, this oolong thrives only in higher elevations, where dexterous women from Tung Ting village hand pluck each leaf from steep hillsides on top of the mountain. In Mrs. Su’s hands, its floral fragrance, complex nutty body and lasting echoes of sweetness find full expression, making it a frequent annual award-winner and one of our most beloved offerings.


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