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Master work tea scoop and pick set in silk pouch

Teance Fine Teas

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An exquisite piece of art- large tea presenter scoop made of Jichi wood, with a high contrast grain and pattern that resembles chicken feathers. Jichi is typically a very fine and high end furniture wood that is rare nowadays, but classic in the Golden Age of Art in the Ming Dynasty, China.  Smooth and curved like a vessel that might float one to the other shore, the pick, on the other hand, is delicately carved, firm, and balanced. One end is to use to clean the teapot spout, the other end is to scoop around the inside. It may also be used to scoop matcha.  All handmade, the pouch is made of fine padded kimono silk brocade with a chrysanthemum pattern for longevity. A collector's item for a tea aficionado!

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