Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Taiwan Tea Tour Autumn 2016

Teance Fine Teas

$ 2,200.00

Join our Tea Buyer Winnie Yu on This Autumn's Tea Buying Adventure in Taiwan

The best teas grow on beautiful, remote mountain regions that few have access to. Follow the tea buyer of Teance this autumn in a rare opportunity to journey together into the high mountains of Taiwan to experience teas at their source.

Witness teas freshly harvested and produced, taste them steeped by their own local waters, and understand firsthand the vast culture of tea! Be prepared for a culinary experience in not only tea, but also all of the unique local food cultures and produce on this island, originally called 'Formosa' the beautiful island, by the Portuguese.

This five day, five night tour starts at Taipei at Wenshan, to Miaoli, to Nantou region Tung Ting Mountain, and up through San Lin She. Along the way, you will visit tea farms, artisans and producers, a 'teashop mountain', museums, tea researchers and their nurseries. Drop in at different tea farms during all varying stages of harvest and production, even participate on some hands on tea making!

Tour will include all accommodations and unique local meals, and chartered transportation to all locations.

Trip schedule: 10/19 to 10/23.

Please contact for complete tour information, such as daily itinerary and schedule, travel logistics, and what to expect on the tour.