Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Wuyi Tea Tour Autumn 2016

Teance Fine Teas

$ 1,000.00

Join our Tea Buyer Winnie Yu on This Autumn's Tea Buying Adventure

The best teas grow on beautiful, remote mountain regions that few have access to. Follow the tea buyer of Teance this autumn in a rare opportunity to journey together into the stone mountains of Wuyi and experience teas at their source.

This five night journey starts in Wuyi Shan; Fujian, China, visiting the ancient Rock Tea trees, Curtain Waterfall and Nine Bend River. Along the way, you will visit remote tea farms, artisans and producers where you will be able to enjoy tea straight from the source. We will drop in at different farms during the varying stages of harvest and production and you may even be able to participate in some hands on tea making!

Tour will include all accommodations and unique local meals, and chartered transportation to all locations.

Trip schedule: 10/14 to 10/18.

Please contact for complete tour information, such as daily itinerary and schedule, travel logistics, and what to expect on the tour.