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Pre-Ming Dragonwell

chestnut notes, subtle, warming

Hangzhou, China

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Elevation: 300-400 meters

Varietal: Longling, Original Seeded

Oxidation: Unoxidized
Production: Hand Fired in Woks
Caffeine: Medium

The very first pick of the season! Our Pre-Ming Dragonwell is one of the most exclusive teas of the Spring harvest, only available through pre-order.

Once exclusively given in tribute to emperors, our Dragonwell pays homage to the storied sophistication of this imperial tea. Pre-Rain Dragonwell (Longjing) is hand-harvested in its true place of origin- the West Lake region of Hangzhou—near an eponymous well said to have water so dense, trapped rainwater danced on its surface like China’s fabled dragons. Harvested before the spring rains in early April, artisans wok-seared only 100g of leaves at a time to ensure superb flavor. While its origins remain mysterious, the rich complexity of its fresh aroma, toasted chestnut notes and lingering sweetness are readily revealed in every exceptional cup 

Best enjoyed in our dragon-inspired teacups  to honor the tea’s storied heritage.


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