Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Phoenix Single Grove Honey Fragrance

cooked honey, nutmeg, papaya

Mr. Wei - Phoenix Mountain, Guangdong, China

$ 42.00

Oxidation: 30-40%
Production: Hand Oxidized, Finished Baking by Charcoal Heated Pans
Farming: Traditional Farming, No Chemical Pesticides or Fertilizers
Attributes: Enlivening & Heightening

Resembling the beak of its phoenix namesake, the thin, oblong leaves of the ancient arbor-type Camellia sinensis (13 renowned varietals in all) are hand-harvested one grove at a time to preserve each batch’s distinctiveness. To ensure this Phoenix Mountain tea’s particular Honey Fragrance blooms atop the characteristic woody base, each leaf must be hand-oxidized and lightly charcoal-roasted in order to retain its bright green center within a deep red border. 

Enjoy before the weather changes—many of the grove’s trees have already been lost to shifting climate patterns.

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