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Phoenix Almond Gongfu Red

currants, honeysuckle, vanilla

Wudong Peak, Phoenix Mountain, China

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Oxidation: 90-100% 
Production: Hand Oxidized, Charcoal Fire Pan Roasted
Farming: Traditional Farming, No Chemical Pesticides or Fertilizers
Attributes: Warming & Enlivening

The best of all worlds, the complexity and fragrance of an oolong varietal made by hand into a fully oxidized, completely intact whole leaf, red tea. This style is called 'Gongfu Hongcha' for the amount of time (48 hours) to oxidation and the labor involved to remove all astringency and bitterness that plague marketplace black teas. Made by the top artisan on the top of Wudong, Phoenix Mountain, from the sophisticated Phoenix Almond varietal trees. This is one of the best Gongfu Red teas ever produced.

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