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Organic Immortal Needle

bright, clean, sweet

Qinling Mountain, China

$ 42.00

*Very limited availability*

Oxidation: Unoxidized 
Production: (Secret Production Process?)
Farming: Certified EU Organic
AttributesBrightening & Enlivening

A rare green tea grown in San She, in the northern regions of China. This certified organic green tea has a clean, sweet, crisp taste, with hints of toasty nuttiness on the finish.  The leaf grade is such a high quality that only minimal pan firing is desired in order to not mask its exquisite natural flavor.

With almost no bitterness, Immortal Needle is a great choice for all new tea drinkers looking to explore green teas. It is also ideal for the seasoned green tea lover looking for something new, unique and delicious! 

Steeping Guidelines:
4g or 1T | 8oz. @ 170˚F | 45 seconds
Use a glass or porcelain teapot. Drain completely and serve. 
Please re-infuse 5 or more times. 
Serves 35  
8oz. cups per 1oz. of whole leaf tea

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