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Organic High Mountain Tieguanyin Medium Roast 2015

butterscotch, cooked fruit, wine

Mr. Lin - Da Bao Shan, Anxi, Fujian, China

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Oxidation: 40-50%
Production: 2-3 Hour Electric Pan Heat Roasted
Farming: Certified EU and USDA Organic
Attributes: Awakening & Focusing

While most organic teas are grown on flat, low lying areas, the source of this organic Tieguanyin is unique. Raised in high elevation, steep hillsides of Anxi—this tea’s original terroir—High Mountain Tieguanyin is JAS, EU and USDA-certified organic. The high elevations ensures lack of aerial or water pollution that low lying organic teas are subject to. The difficult terrain produces unusually small harvests, making this tea quite rare. Medium roasting yields a beautifully complex liquid, as toasty butterscotch offsets flavors of deeply cooked fruits and fine wine.


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