Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

PAST: Oolong Tasting Party 2016

Teance Teashop

$ 25.00

Friday, June 24 | 6:30PM | TeaShop at 1780 Fourth Street, Berkeley CA 

Darius is celebrating the incoming Spring Harvests of over 7 fresh Chinese and Taiwanese oolongs, including Phoenix Honey Fragrance, Baochong Premium, Buddha's Hand, High Mountain Light & Dark Roasts, Tung Ting Cold Summit, and Charcoal Fired Tung Ting.  Two limited teas will also be making a guest appearance: our connoisseur-grade Dayuling Li Shan oolong, and an award-winning Baochong grown by Mr. Lee of Wenshan.  Attendees have the option to rotate between gaiwan tasting at the bar, and traditional yixing-style brews upstairs.

Small Taiwanese treats will be served!