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Rare Ash Grey 'Barrel' Master Yixing Teapot

Teance Fine Teas

$ 950.00

Grey Ash clay, one of the most rare and unusual materials to be used by master Yixing potters- we have never before seen this clay available, a matte, slate stone color, material that glows from within. The classic design with copper handle, called 'Foreign Barrel'  is also rarely seen now, apparently extremely difficult to execute. Aside from the exquisite material, the tubular body is known to be unusually difficult and few old potters can manage this design anymore. With a long fast pouring long spout to aerate the tea as it pours, this larger size teapot is meant for the enjoyment of probably a dark shu pu-erh, with a large circle of friends.  A rare gem for the collector.

8 oz. to lip

H 2.75" x L 4.25" x W 3"