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Zen Master Yixing Teapot

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A 9th century Zen master by the name of Zhaozhou had once famously said to his students, 'Go drink your tea'. That was his admonishment no matter what the question was. 

This masterly crafted Yixing Zisha teapot, with some gold sand mixed in, bears the inscription 'Go drink your tea'. The carving on the other side of the teapot depicts a wide eyed sparrow on a flower branch. The pot has a fast pour type spout and a large lid, with a bulbous belly, suitable for tea leaves which expand upward- like another famous Buddhist tea, the Tieguanyin. A refined, yet rustic teapot, its aura perfectly pitched for the simplicity and depth of Zen practice. 

8 oz. to lip

L 5" x H 2.25" x W 3.5"