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Lu Shan Clouds and Mist King's Grade

buttery, savory, viscous

Lu Shan, Jiangxi, China

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Elevation: 1000-1200 meters
Varietal: Lu Shan Local Varietal
Oxidation: Unoxidized
Production: Wok Dried
Caffeine: Low

An extremely limited harvest, this is the earliest, choicest pick of our Lu Shan Clouds & Mist—an unusual tea named for the equally unusual climes atop the Taoist mountain on which it grows. Lu Shan’s heavy, water-rich atmosphere causes each leaf to vie for its share of the sun, creating exceptionally high nutrient and chlorophyll concentrations. The resulting fresh, buttery, complex flavors are intensified for our King’s grade selection by handpicking only the very first, finest buds of the season.

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