Karigane Kukicha for Cold Brew
Okutani Garden, Uji Japan

Karigane Kukicha for Cold Brew

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Retail package contains 10 x 10g sachets.


Oxidation: Unoxidized
Production: Steamed
Farming: No Chemical Fertilizer or Pesticide
Caffeine: Low 

Pure, naturally sweet green teas from the Uji, Kyoto region are famed for their superior terroir—what the Japanese call “the fragrance of the place.” Made from stems of our Sencha, grown shaded with wara (river weeds) and nourished by the Ujita River, this tea captures the varietal’s famed essence at a fraction of the cost.

When prepared as a cold brew it yields a smooth, rich brew with gentle notes of umami and a slight nuttiness. 

Cold Brew tea preparation: Place one or two sachets in a half-gallon container of cool filtered water. Chill in the refrigerator for a minimum of 4-5 hours. Steep longer for a stronger tea.

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