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Ichikawa Toru: Gold & Silver Cups

Ichikawa Toru

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Bizen Yaki, Bizen Ceramic Art, was born in Bizen City of Okayama Prefecture.  It is the oldest style of Japanese pottery which dates back a thousand years.  The original clay of Bizen is used- for Ichikawa's pursuit for ‘beauty’ is never compromised even if the process requires a great deal of time to create it.  Ichikawa Toru is a young rising star of the Japanese pottery world and is able to successfully achieve brilliant bright colors using mixture of clay, minerals and metallic oxide after years of attempt. The end result was never accidental but rather due to tireless efforts to give birth to beautiful creations.

 His works are praised and collected internationally.

Credentials in Ceramic Art

Born in Tokyo, Japan

June, 2011, studied under Ryuichi Kakurezaki

January 2015, became independent in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture

January 2016  Solo Exhibition at Ankuru Iwane Gallery