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Heart Sutra Antique Yixing


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Lightly used antique teapot from around the late 1800s, the Heart Sutra was one of the most popular motifs, for 'the Taste of Tea and Zen are one'.  Although already seasoned, this teapot can be used for Pu-erh or a dark oolong, like Wuyi or Dark Roast Tieguanyin. Rare for its pin size carvings and fine calligraphy, the master who executes such level of carving is usually different from the teapot master, whose craft rarely extends into the literary arts. Aged and burnished, the pot has a rare inner glow that speaks of care from its heritage of owners- usually a family heirloom. Hopefully it will continue to become an aficionado's heirloom in the U.S.

From a private collection we recently had the honor of choosing a few pieces from. This particular teapot is a rare gem, a real museum piece, and will not come along again. It is in amazing condition - perfect.

About 5-6 oz.