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"Hexagon' Master Handmade Yixing Teapot

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Made with the unusual and extremely rare yellow rice type of brocade 'duan ni' clay, master potter Chen Shun Gen of Yixing created this epic layered hexagon shape teapot, just the lid alone is 5 layers. Few Yixing potters can even attempt this hexagon shape today, let alone the multiple tiers. The tightly, seamlessly fitted lid to body, forms another 2 tiers. The masterfully carved inscription states: ' The mountains come alive in paintings, the clouds leave traces through poetry'.  A finely carved painting of a river scene with a thatched pagoda reminds one of an idyllic lifestyle, one with nature. Supremely balanced and fast pour, with a weighty, stone like feel on the hands, this is a collector's item for the generations, particularly for those who treasure the taste of oolongs.

Opening: 2 in.

Spout to Handle: 5.5 in.

Body: 4 in.

Volume: 8 oz