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Master Bamboo 'Scholar' Yixing Teapot

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This is the epitome of what makes Yixing teapots so hard to make, and so special. The amount of experience it takes to create a seamlessly proportioned, balanced, and functional teapot along with the most elegant details makes the Yixing teapot categorically impossible for potters from the rest of the world to make, and as a result, marvel at. 

This masterly teapot uses the bamboo theme, which, though a representation of nature, is in fact, alluding to the importance of scholars. The scholar, according to Confucius, is like a bamboo stalk- straight up, and hollow inside in its humility. Its unassuming straightness is a symbol of honesty and forthrightness. A scholar is a gentleman who is not only educated, but full of integrity; humble, and always eager to learn more. For Asians, this is the teapot of teapots in both its masterful execution of material and design, as well as symbolism.

Large opening lid and flat bottom ideal for twist leaf oolongs like Phoenix or Wuyi teas.

Volume: 9 Fl Oz 

Length: 5.75in (From spout to handle) 

 *Color may vary slightly from photos, it is more grey in person.