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Handmade Clarity Yixing Teapot

Teance Fine Teas

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The inscription says 'A clear stream washes the heart', which is to say, that the purity of water brings clarity to one's heart and soul. In life, we are barraged with physical and mental pollutants, and a pot of tea, made with pure water, can calm the soul and ease the mind. The choice to carve of a sparrow on autumn branches, rather than a river stream for example, calls attention to nature that the only way one can connect to is through a settled, peacful, mind.

Yellow mustard sandy Zisha clay, a rare type that is more porous than most, with a delicate spout that pours slightly more slowly, suggests that this pot was meant for slower steeping oolongs such as a dark roast or charcoal roasted oolong.

Volume: 9 fl oz 

Length: 5 in (from spout to handle)