Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Fujian Green

exuberant, mango, tropical fruit

Mr. Lin - Fuding, Fujian, China

$ 15.00

*Very limited availability*

Oxidation: Unoxidized 
Production: Pan Dried, Secret Production Process
Farming: Traditional Farming, No Chemical Pesticides or Fertilizers
AttributesBrightening & Enlivening

An accessible and forgiving green, this newly invented tea is made from the small-leafed Fujian varietal. Even under less-than-optimal temperatures and longer-than-recommended steeping times, it rarely succumbs to the bitterness and astringency characteristic of overdone greens. Its terrific, ripe-mango aroma and matching mellow sweetness make it an effortless pick for everyday drinking.

Steeping Guidelines:
4g or 1T | 8oz. @ 170˚F | 45 seconds
Use a glass or porcelain teapot. Drain completely and serve. 
Please re-infuse 5 or more times. 
Serves 35  
8oz. cups per 1oz. of whole leaf tea


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