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Four Seasons

lilac, vanilla, verdant

Mr. Liu - Nantou, Taiwan

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Elevation: Coming Soon!
Varietal: Si Ji Chun
Oxidation: 20-30%
Production: Coming Soon!
Caffeine: Medium

Developed in the 1980s in a nursery known for its exploration of new and adaptable tea varietals, Four Seasons (Si Ji Chun) was cultivated to gracefully weather the challenges of a shifting climate. The trees have also proven remarkably resistant to insects, and therefore, no pesticides are used in its production. Mr. Liu’s teas are pure and nuanced, a difference you’ll taste in the subtle floral and vanilla notes of this oolong. Without a doubt, his are among the finest teas we have tasted in Taiwan.

Enjoy any time of the year, and especially in times when resilience is needed.

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