Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Flowery Shuixian Wuyi Oolong

Wuyi, China

$ 72.00

Elevation: 1200 meters

Production: Charcoal fire for 2 weeks

Tasting notes: Intense sweet mango, osmanthus, and lilac rich fragrance both in the nose and in the palate. Long fiery finish. 

One of the most profoundly special teas are the ones harvested from the arbor type varietals of the Camellia sinensis, and the Shuixian varietal is the mother of all oolongs. At Wuyi mountain, only the original Shuixian trees were hardy enough to be harvested in the fall and winter seasons against the upcoming cold months. We found this crop to be exceptionally fragrant in a way that the more high fired, gnarly styles of the teas in this region rarely produce. Beautiful uniqueness against all odds- as global climate changes occur in rapidity, we learn to appreciate those few small crops that emerge with an anomalous appeal. Not to be missed.

Available in 1.25oz silver canister.

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