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Ruby 21 Red Tea

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

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Ruby 21 is the latest greatest varietal cultivated by the Taiwanese research institutes. They took some of the old Assam root stocks and hybridized a new varietal, originally the Ruby 18, and has improved to now a more successful varietal in the 21. Bred to withstand the tremendous climate changes, a successful varietal must be able to deal with the extreme increases in heat as well as cold, in our current climate conditions.

We selected this batch of the Ruby 21 for its tremendous taste, not for its agricultural value. The craftsmanship of Hongcha/Red tea, making intact, beautiful, twisted wiry leaves, are all whole leaf and not broken machine made Black tea. No astringency and no bitterness, none of that mouth drying tarriness in the mouth of even the best Black teas in the world. The Ruby 21 has a lot of fruit notes, alot of unspecified flowery notes, with a bright, citrusy honeyed liquer. Black tea aficionados must not waste the opportunity to taste this tea, for every season and every batch varies, and this is one of the best tasted!

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