Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Everyday Teas Sampler Tin

Teance Fine Teas

$ 30.00

A selection of 5 of our most popular fresh harvest teas!  Ideal for those searching for an everyday tea.

This elegant reusable gift tin will contain five 5g samples of the following teas below.  A great introduction to our teas for a loved one! 


- White Peony White Tea : bright, invigorating, stone fruit

- Lu Shan Clouds & Mist Green Tea : buttery, savory, viscous

- Baochong Oolong : gardenia, lush, velvety

- Yellow Gold Oolong : lustrous, orchid fragrance, smooth

- Lavender Mint Herbal : perfume like, sensuous, soothing


*Tin Dimensions [H x W x D]: 115 mm x 105 mm x 85 mm

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