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Discover the Tea Tour May 2019

Teance Fine Teas

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Join our Discover the Tea tour with Teance Fine Teas

May 10 - 22, 2019*


The best teas grow on beautiful, remote mountain regions to which few have access. Follow the tea buyer of Teance this May in a rare opportunity to journey together into the best tea origins, meet reputable tea masters and gurus, hand-fire your own tea, go to biggest international tea expo, and more!

Tour will include five-star accommodations, unique local meals, and chartered transportation to all locations.

PART 1 - CHINA (May 10 - 17*)

Our adventure begins in Hangzhou, China. Now a large city, it is bordered by tea fields that are the source of the single most popular tea in China: Long Jing, also known as Dragonwell. We will explore the Hangzhou International Tea Expo, which attracts the best of the best in the international tea industry. Browse the finest tea and teaware and taste samples from vendors all over the world. On the following day, we will get hands-on experience, learning to process our own green tea at the renowned Lion Peak. While in the West Lake area, we will attend a tea science seminar at Zhejiang University and enjoy the local teahouses and attractions. To round out our stay in Hangzhou, we will visit the China National Tea Museum before taking a bullet train to Fujian.

Fujian is the birthplace of oolong, white, and red tea. We will set out to see the mother bushes of the famous Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong and learn the traditional processing methods of the region. We’ll have the rare chance will travel through the heart of the protected Wuyi mountain area, usually not accessible to foreigners, and see the Tianxin Yongle Buddhist temple. While in Fujian, we will meet tea master Guoying Liu and learn about tea ceremony and teaware, including a visit to the Dragon Kiln of Jian Ware.

PART 2 - TAIWAN (May 17 - 22*)

After a flight to Taiwan, we will begin our last leg of the trip with a bit of sightseeing in Taipei, including the National Palace Museum and hot springs at Thermal Valley. We will travel down to Emei in Hsinchu County before heading up into the central highlands. In Nantou County, we will enjoy the stunning scenery of Sun Moon Lake, as well as taste excellent oolongs and innovative red teas. Finally, we will head just south of Nantou to visit the Yuyupas Aboriginal Culture Center and tea farms around Alishan.


The estimated cost for the entire trip is $3,000 ($1,500 for China trip and $1,500 Taiwan trip), which includes luxury hotels, food, transportation during the trip, and all activities. You are responsible for your international flights and any personal expenses along the way.

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The deposit to reserve your spot is due March 31 and is non-refundable**. The total trip fare will be due on April 10th. 


*Exact dates are subject to slight variation.

**If the trip is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, your deposit will be refunded.