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Connoisseur Grade Dayuling Li Shan

almonds, aromatic, dry peach

Li Shan, Taiwan

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Elevation: 2500 meters
Varietal: Dayuling
Oxidation: 60-70%
Production: Coming Soon!
Caffeine: Medium

Known as a “Frozen Peak Oolong,” Dayuling Li Shan is grown at an altitude of 2,500 meters in the thin, alpine air atop Taiwan’s Dayuling mountains in the Li Shan Region. Oolongs from Li Shan are exceptionally limited and coveted around the world. Considered an honorable and prestigious gift among Taiwanese, long queues to reserve each season’s scarce harvests are common. The flavor is incomparable— rich, full-bodied taste and intensely complex, steeping after steeping.  Notes of citrus and pineapple, with a lingering fragrance that is intoxicatingly tropical. 

Best steeped with one of our Yixing teapots—and a sense of reverence.

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