Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Oolong Lovers Subscription

Teance Fine Teas

$ 40.00

PLEASE NOTE: The Listed Price is PER MONTH. Your card will be charged $40 plus shipping every 30 days, and a new oolong tea will be shipped to your door each month, until you decide to cancel. 

A New Subscription Created Exclusively for Oolong Lovers. 

Each month, receive a new tea from our curated collection of over 30 oolong teas from China and Taiwan. Our buyer hand selects a tea for each subscriber and ensures that you never receive the same tea twice! This brand new subscription is the best way to taste through the wide variety of leaf shapes, oxidization levels, and roasting styles represented among our oolong selection. 

Your tea ships immediately upon first ordering, and then every 30 days following.

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