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Connoisseur Wuyi Water Golden Turtle

butterscotch, chocolate, longan fruit

Mr. Zhang - Wuyishan, Fujian, China

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Elevation: 1100 Meters
Varietal: Shuixian
Oxidation: 70-80% 
Production: Charcoal pit-baked by hand
Caffeine: Medium

Wuyi rock teas are unique in the world in many ways. The terroir is irreplaceable. Soil that is only about 10 cm thick over soft white rock, and the tea tree roots split and insert into these rocks, absorbing minerals and nutrients in ways that tea bushes in other terrains do not have access to. The large twist leaf style is one of the original, oldest traditions of making oolong. The oxidation level is very high, and baking by charcoal heat demands long laborious effort.

Water Golden Turtle (Sui Jin Gui) is a rare varietal, and rarely seen exported. It is softer, sweeter, than other Wuyi varietals, velvety on the palate with a distinctive butterscotch, chocolatey notes, with a hint of longan fruit sweetness.
This is a top grade usually reserved for government officials.

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