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Connoisseur Grade Dahongpao

Mr. Zhang - Wuyishan, Fujian, China

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Elevation: Mixed, 500+ Meters
Varietal: Blend - Rougui, Shuixian, and Golden Melon
Production: 6 Month Roasted 

Artisan farmer, Mr. Zhang, has created the ultimate Dahongpao fusion—a perfect balance of the Wuyi region’s Rougui, Shuixian and Golden Mudan varietals that reaches superior depths of dark, high-roasted flavor and robust body and intensity characteristic of Wuyi teas. Dahongpao (“Big Red Robe”) is synonymous not only with the original mother bushes—just five growing on an impossible cliff, much too precious for anyone other than Chinese royalty—but also with this region’s unique mix and mixes of varietals.

It may take a master to distinguish between Dahongpao varietals, but any oolong lover can enjoy this masterful blend.

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