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Collector's Antique Yixing Teapot

Teance Fine Teas

$ 2,000.00

Antique for Yixing teapots means they were made from zisha clay when the ore in Yixing were still hills, and the clay was plentiful. Rapidly depleting today, the true Yixing teapot is becoming more and more rare. This one is the original of a true classic design, and one that has enjoyed a long tradition, replicated for generations. Holding about 5 oz., it was meant for gongfu service.

Considered a museum piece from the private collection of an art professor, this teapot was recovered from migrating Chinese who went to Jakarta, carrying it with it a piece of Chinese history around around the 1900s. Though we don't know how old exactly or when it was made, this is an exquisite collector's item, with a burnished patina from aged tea stains and the aging of the zuni clay.  We suggest not using the teapot but put it proudly on display as a collector of an item from one of the greatest Asian tea arts.