Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Charcoal Fire Roasted Tung Ting

chocolate, nutmeg, robust

Mrs. Su - Tung Ting Shan, Taiwan

$ 43.00

Oxidation: 40-50% 
Production: Tumbled and Rolled by Machine, Charcoal Pit-Baked by Hand
Farming: No Pesticide Residue
Attributes: Fiery & Invigorating

Warm up with one of the most extraordinary, artisanal, hand crafted Oolongs in the world. This tea has been meticulously hand picked at Tung Ting Village , then, finished by a woman tea artisan. Each batch of these Oolongs are then roasted slowly over a bamboo charcoal fire. The resulting tea is balanced, deep, and full of the rich toasty notes that Oolong teas are loved for, with the pleasing fragrance and body for which Taiwan teas in particular are prized. Exceptional skills in charcoal roasting is required to successfully unite the island floral aromas and sweetness with a deep fiery body. Mrs. Su, of Tung Ting village, has been honing her craft for 20+ years and is considered one of the foremost artisans in this technique.

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