Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Bailin Gongfu Premium 1/2lb Bulk

chocolate notes, spicy, truffle

Bailin Village, Fujian, China

$ 86.50

Elevation: 800 Meters
Varietal: Fujian Xiao Ye
Oxidation: 100% 
Production: Natural hot room ambient oxidation 6-7 hours
Caffeine: High

This tea is sold in 1/2lb bulk size for a limited time only.

Meticulously handmade in the traditional way, carefully selected leaves from the Da Bai white or native small-leaf Fujian green varietals are left whole, patiently, skillfully and completely hand-oxidized over five hours and then heated. The finished tea has a malty, cooked-caramel body highlighted by sweet chocolate and tobacco notes. One sip and you’ll agree—commercially made black teas just can’t compare.

For an even richer, rarer experience, also try our Bailin Gongfu Connoisseur Grade.

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