Single Origin, Farm Direct Teas

Bailin Gongfu Connoisseur 2015

caramel, chocolate, dates

Bailin Village, Fujian, China

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Elevation: 800 meters
Varietal: Fujian Green
Oxidation: 100%
Production: Hand Roasted
Caffeine: High

Commercially made black teas just can’t compare to the true original. Following the same meticulous hand-making process used for centuries, foragers gather the young leaf buds of a Fujian green varietal that grows wild in Fuding, China. Left whole, patiently, skillfully and completely hand-oxidized over five hours and then heated, the finished leaves steep a malty rich, cooked-caramel body sparkling with sweet chocolate and tobacco notes.

A must-taste for black tea devotees, our extremely limited supply (just 6 kg. were made this year) is going fast.


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