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Antique Hand Painted Geisha Teapot

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For those of us interested in the impact of tea on our collective human history, collecting and owning pieces of teaware means not only learning about the tea styles of the time, but the art work encapsulated throughout, and the cross cultural influences around the world. In this late 1800s Japanese made teapot, handpainted figures are depicted dressed in Japanese kimono, with scenery of such favorite themes as cherry blossoms, idyllic bridges and country houses. Beautifully balanced and exquisitely appointed- although this teapot was meant for export with the stamp that says 'Handpainted Nippon' in English on the bottom, the size of the pot and its attention to detail shows that it was made with an intention for Asian tea. The fine blue white porcelain is excellent for steeping green teas. 

Estimated Circa 1891-1921 Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Tea Pot, Made in Japan. This is a collector's item (now no longer meant for every day use, please note the gold leaf paint may not be food safe/ contain lead )

 Notes on the age of this item: 

The McKinley Tariff, which took effect March 1,1891, required that all imported goods be stamped in English with their country of origin. At the time, "NIPPON" was considered to be an acceptable name for Japan, so most Japanese ceramics of this period were backstamped "NIPPON" or "HAND PAINTED NIPPON." often with a company logo as well. However, not all were stamped that way. There were still unmarked pieces, and pieces stamped "JAPAN" as well.  NIPPON pieces are priced higher than MADE IN JAPAN and are eagerly sought by collectors.